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We believe in the power of local government to build more equitable, inclusive, and resilient communities. By promoting and supporting small businesses throughout their entrepreneurial journey, governments can have a direct impact on their economy and create more opportunities for growth.

Cities across the country are working to meet the needs of their small business community. By improving access to information, program compliance, and harnessing the power of the small business ecosystem, we can help cities build a better small business community.

About the Co-founders

In previous roles, Chris, Matt, and James observed first-hand how existing contracting processes favored larger companies, and that the complexity of contracting is a barrier to small businesses who want to work with local governments. They started Qwally to make it easy for local governments to work with local entrepreneurs.

James has spent the past decade researching and developing inclusive technology for the disadvantaged. Chris led teams to create web applications that communicate complex ideas through simple visual and interactive experiences. Matt has experience implementing digital tools to improve interaction between citizens and their government.

The Qwally Team
Matt Cody
Chief Growth Officer
Courtney Francis
Director of Operations
Chris Offensend
James Schafer

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