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How it works
A one-stop shop for
doing business in your city
Small Business Portal
Qwally works with local governments to build a more inclusive digital landscape through online small business, procurement, and supplier diversity programs.
Improve inclusion and
access to opportunity
Small Business Navigator
The Qwally platform offers self-serve tools to help small businesses connect with city programs and navigate complex processes.
Help your staff support
your business community
Administrative Dashboard
Cities use Qwally to centralize key information for small businesses, and coordinate the support for entrepreneurs among the ecosystem partners in their communities.
Technology for your city
and community
Administrative Dashboard
Qwally helps on-board businesses, guide vendors through administrative processes, and connect entrepreneurs with support organizations.
What our clients are saying
Qwally, through its partnership with the City of Wichita, provides a new and innovative platform to local small businesses looking to expand into government contracting and access area resource partners. This platform expands on the City’s current emerging and disadvantaged business efforts to reduce red tape and make this community and vendor base more inclusive.
Vice Mayor Brandon Johnson
City of Wichita, Kansas
Working with a start-up like Qwally provided a streamlined process from selection to implementation. New technology like this provides the flexibility and quick deployment that are expected in today’s IT environment but more challenging with larger Vendors. The City’s ability to deploy this technology in an agile manner provides the city departments the opportunity to interactively build the platform and get exactly what is needed specific.
CIO Michael Mayta
City of Wichita, Kansas
The backend CRM of the system gives our staff the ability to track our impact, support of partners, the ability for us work virtually. This allows us to support more businesses, not just in the pandemic, but with a small internal staff. Through the technology we can even now support our entrepreneurial support organizations/partners. The front end makes it easier for us to provide one on one technical assistance or at minimum the site and virtual tools provides a new or “informal” entrepreneur with the resources and steps they need to formally register, permit and license their business to operate in KCMO.
Deputy Directory of Entrepreneurship Nia Richardson
City of Wichita, Kansas

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